Empowering YOU to keep your breasts healthy -

What is “Epigenetics" & how does it actually empower you to improve your breast health.

You have way more power than you've been lead to believe in ensuring breast health - even down to the DNA level! Lori will share basic information about the role genetics plays in breast health and how you can actually impact your own DNA. 

How does Hormone Balance & Metabolism impact your risk of breast cancer, & what can you do to turn on healthy metabolism.

Your daily diet and lifestyle choices dramatically impact your hormone balance and hormone metabolism. You will learn about new amazing tests available that reveal very detailed information on how to optimize your hormone balance and hormone metabolism, ensuring healthy breasts and peace of mind


Up-to-date information on new prevention screening tools & tests every woman should know about to prevent breast cancer. 

In addition to the best diet and lifestyle rituals (including EMF protection, nutritional supplementation etc. ) that will optimize your breast health, Lori will highlight the DUTCH test, Sure Touch screening, Thermography and when Mammography is a good tool to use. 


What you'll learn...

October 2021
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Are you tired of the Cancer awareness that comes with “Pinktober". Would you prefer some education on how YOU can keep your breasts HEALTHY? In this 60 minute informative presentation you will understand how hormones and genetics really  impact your risk of cancer and how YOU have the power to actually change them, and keep your breasts healthy. 



Breast            awareness


Breast Cancer continues to be on the rise, impacting more and more younger women. Since the "war on cancer" was declared by President Nixon in 1971, well over 500 Billion dollars have been spent. In spite of the research, the new drugs, the treatments, the staggering number of mammograms, the walks and the "awareness", women are still not educated or empowered on how they can actually prevent breast cancer and optimize breast health.

This informative hour is designed to do just that - empower you with information that you have never been taught that can optimize YOUR breast health! 


Women of all ages who want to understand how to keep their breasts healthy and who want to understand how to protect the men (big or small) in their lives from hormone related cancers, too. 

Will there be time to ask questions?

Yes. You can submit your questions via "chat" during the webinar. To honor those that only have 60 minutes to listen and learn, we will have a Q & A session at the end of the webinar.

Globally recognized Pilates Coach / Personal Trainer

Joel Crosby has 30 years' experience as fitness trainer and feels strongly that traditional fitness modalities have failed people. He has been teaching Pilates for 22 years and is passionate about re-educating as many people as possible about how to move and exercise correctly. In an enjoyable way, he precisely teaches how to move dynamically and powerfully without injury. 
Joel teaches Pilates internationally and works with a broad spectrum of people, ranging from professional athletes to people with special needs. He finds consistently that the original Pilates method helps them all to achieve greater functionality and increased power output. 

Ruby & Joel Crosby have 4 beautiful and active children. 

Joel Crosby

Nurse Practitioner | Board Certified Health Coach

Lori Finlay Hamilton

 In my 40 year nursing career, I’ve spent the last 18 years studying Functional Medicine – the art of getting to the root cause of “dis-ease”- to help women regain their vitality.

I used to hate Endocrinology – the study of hormones – because it was all biochemistry! Now, I can spend hours geeking out on the biochemistry of hormones and DNA testing! What changed? Well, I got really sick, and I wasn’t getting answers from my western medicine colleagues. Even worse, they were dismissive and told me it was all in my head. I had to learn how to heal my own body and severely compromised Endocrine system with Chronic Fatigue and premature Ovarian failure at age 43. Now, at age 61 I’m have more vitality than I did over 20 years ago.

Between my family history of Breast Cancer (sister and aunt), losing my best friend to Breast Cancer, and my brother to Prostate Cancer (both hormone related cancers) 4 days apart, and my own benign breast lumps, I was on a mission to learn everything I could about healing breasts and preventing cancer. Our bodies, yours and mine, are designed to heal. The gap can be closed between the symptoms we have and the vitality we crave. It is with this passion that I empower women each day and share this critical information with you.

Hi, I’m Lori, an adult Nurse Practitioner who loves to discover the elusive answers to what leaves you feeling sick, tired, and the wonderful ways to restore your health.

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It can be a celebration.”

"I can’t thank Lori enough for her expertise and her care. Now, I feel like my mid-life doesn’t need to be a crisis.                                  

"I have marveled and wondered at the depth of her knowledge equally balanced by her passion for supporting me in living true to the health and vitality."

Alison- s.l.c

"Incredibly, Lori has taken me to the root of every symptom. She embodies the teacher’s heart, continually educating & guiding me. My mindset has shifted to embrace food as medicine, movement as a gift, & meditation as healing. She gives me tools to create my best life. She is the teacher who appeared when I was ready."



"Lori Hamilton is highly knowledgeable in women’s health. She understands that wellness includes many things, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. After being brushed off by doctors and specialists – Lori listened. She treated me as a whole and unique individual ~ not a list of symptoms. She is compassionate & totally invested in helping her clients heal & enjoy a healthy & vibrant life on every level."


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